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Learning about cough patterns validates users' experience and  brings them clarity 

"It records the coughs and so it shows me how many times I'm coughing, and when, which is very important, because it actually helped when I went to the doctor in diagnosing the problem."

Maciej, 56

“The app validates a cougher's cough and feelings. Because, once again, nobody really knows that doesn't have a cough, what it's like to have a chronic cough. So the app validates you, it makes you feel like you really do have an issue. And it's not fake.”

Nan, 64

“I have found Hyfe very helpful, though, because it gives me an idea of when I cough and what might be triggers for it.”

Marcia, 74

“I like knowing how many times a day I cough. And I like seeing when the coughs are occurring. In my case, it seems to be more congested coughing, it seems like I have bouts of coughing after eating. And so I like being able to identify that.”

Lavinia, 69

“I have a lot of ups and downs during the day, you know, like, the doctor will ask me, ‘Well, are you having a good week or a good day?’ and I said, ‘I have good hours.’ And ups and downs by hour. I do have ups and downs by day. But this has helped me to see how much up and down by hour and by day.”

Debbie, 68

“I like knowing how many times I cough throughout the day, also seeing that it's little to no coughs while I'm sleeping.”

Karen, 74

““I am an avid user of this app. I couldn't agree more that this helps patients get heard. If you aren't using it, do it. It certainly helped me get traction with my GP and the tests I needed.”

Natasha, 43


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How we know you've coughed


A peek under the cough detection hood

CoughPro uses machine learning algorithms to detect when a sound is a cough. Audio signals from smartphones are transformed into a visual representation that shows the frequency of the signal as it changes over time. To learn different types of cough sounds, we collect training data from multiple conditions that reflect users’ lives – in quiet locations as well as noisy, challenging locations like construction sites or covid care centers.

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