Your cough matters

CoughPro helps you know your cough frequency and patterns.
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Take control of your respiratory health

CoughPro⁽ᵀᴹ⁾ counts cough frequency and helps you identify cough trends


Realtime Cough Detection

Experience a live demonstration of YOUR cough being tracked

The CoughPro algorithm at work, detecting and confirming your coughs in realtime


Your cough matters


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  • Impressive app
    By KayaTina - Apr 7, 2023 - App Store
    I have had a persistent cough since having embolisms in my lungs several years ago. I had a full medical work up and we all agree that my brain was re-wired. It's real but the cough isn't needed. But, it's difficult to re-wire the brain to lose the coughing habit. The app accurately is recording my coughs with excellent ways to review the results. can add notes and triggers to help me identify patterns or have accurate information for my physicians. The only limitation is in phone function. The microphone has to be available to the app. If I'm using other apps that use the microphone then it can't do both apps at the same time. I need to remember to restart the Cough Tracker app. Obviously, the phone must be close enough to you to hear the coughing! Off topic a bit. I have found holding a sip of water in my mouth and consciously relaxing muscles from my face to my belly helps. Understanding triggers will also help me be proactive. I've hoped for an app like this for years to help me accurately track the amount of coughing I'm doing and recognize the triggers.
    App is Great!
    by HBert Quach — Jan 22, 2023, - Google Play
    App is great at tracking cough when little ones are sick. I treat it as a early warning indicator before the cold gets back. Customer service is awesome, they actually respond to all my questions.
  • Excellent, insightful
    By KayaTina - Apr 7, 2023 - App Store
    This app is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and has provided me with useful information about my cough and disease patterns that have improved my overall health!
    Accurate count of coughs
    by Beardonna — Mar 8, 2023 - App Store
    Just installed the app. Very accurate measuring coughs so far! Cannot wait to see how much coughing I do while sleeping. I'll have a better picture to discuss with my physician at my next visit.
    Great Experience
    by Christi Hammock — Mar 7, 2023, - Google Play
    I had an issue logging into the new app but I contacted the support team and they were awesome in helping me figure out the issue. It turned out to be a technical issue which they resolved very quickly and I was kept in the loop on the status from start to finish. This app is really helpful when talking to my doctor too..

  • I'm so grateful for this app
    by MO — Apr 11, 2023, - Google Play
    UPDATE! It's working, now, Woohoo! After discovering the issues on my android flip4, i uploaded the app onto my iPad & it worked seamlessly. NOT long after, my flip4 app began working as well. If it was something yall did, then THANK U! I am so grateful for this app & for u guys giving this incredible app to all of us, coughers, for free!
    by chronic cougher — Nov 14, 2022 - App Store
    Great user experience . Quick and easy to use
    Next Gen Health
    by Healthtracker johnny — Dec 8, 2022 - App Store
    We're learning how blood biomarkers track our own health trends. For the first time, coughs can do that too. Smart.
  • Great app
    by kimberly_9 — Jan 9, 2023 - App Store
    Really helpful app
    Very Helpful!
    Dorcas Sirt —- Dec 17, 2022,- App Store
    I like knowing how often I'm coughing. This way I can let my Dr. know.
    Works well!
    by Imtfx0019 — Dec 6, 2022 - App Store
    Impressed with how well it detected my coughs, even very slight ones.

    Great app!
    by Imtfx0019 — Dec 6, 2022 - App Store
    Impressed with how well it detected my coughs, even very slight ones.

How we know you've coughed


A peek under the cough detection hood

CoughPro uses machine learning algorithms to detect when a sound is a cough. Audio signals from smartphones are transformed into a visual representation that shows the frequency of the signal as it changes over time. To learn different types of cough sounds, we collect training data from multiple conditions that reflect users’ lives – in quiet locations as well as noisy, challenging locations like construction sites or covid care centers.

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