A Complete List of All Types of Cough Described

Not all coughs are the same. Differences in sound, frequency, time of day, and length all tell doctors different things about the types of cough we can have. We take a look at six totally different types of cough and their symptoms.

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A Complete Overview of Cough Treatments and Remedies

Coughing plays a vital role in clearing out your respiratory pathway from foreign irritants. An occasional cough is normal. In fact, some coughing is necessary for us to be healthy. However, when your cough is persistent, you should start to consider cough treatments and remedies to manage it. A chronic cough is one that lasts […]

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Cough Research: Facts about Cough You Need to Know

Coughs have always been viewed as a reflex to some allergen in the environment or hasty swallowing, or a sign of illness, but even healthy humans and many animals cough now and then. Following a global pandemic in part spread by respiratory droplets, coughing is being taken more seriously and cough research gained more popularity. […]

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Everything to Know about Cough Tracking

Health tracking1 is a relatively new concept. In fact, it wasn’t until the FitBit and other similar step-counting apps arrived on the scene that we realized how easy it can be to keep track of important health metrics on our own.  Now, we have a plethora of evidence2 showing how important achieving adequate daily steps […]

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Tips to Improve and Maintain Respiratory Health

Numerous conditions can negatively affect our respiratory system. Their effects may make it difficult to breathe, sleep, work, or play, overall making life difficult. In some cases, like cancer and COPD, these can even be fatal. This is why prioritizing our respiratory health is key for overall health and wellbeing. If you want to improve […]

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Sleeping with a Cough

Can you cough in your sleep? Absolutely. Coughing happens at all times for many people, including throughout the night. A daytime cough is bad enough to deal with. But a nighttime cough can seriously disrupt your sleep and, by extension, harm the quality of life of not just you but your partners and loved ones. In […]

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