Get Rid of a Flu Quickly | 17 ways you should know

Javeria Usmani


February 1, 2022
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Get Rid of a Flu Quickly | 17 ways you should know
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"How to get rid of the flu quickly" is the first question that hits your mind after contracting it.

To be honest, it cannot just vanish overnight. Like every disorder, it needs time as well.

But wait! Here are some ways to reduce the recovery time. You can recover earlier if you follow these hacks.

Before proceeding further, stay at home while having flu symptoms. Why? Because it can spread to others. 

Influenza virus causes contagious flu. However, sticking to home remedies can work pretty well. People these days worry if they are suffering from the common flu or covid.

Most often, following these tips and tricks works. However, if you do not feel better within a few days, consult a doctor. 

What to do if you have flu-like symptoms? Below mentioned ways can help to regain your original health. 

Blow Your Nose Off and On

It is highly recommended to keep blowing your nose gently, but often. On the contrary, blowing your nose too harshly can be harmful. For instance, blowing too forcefully might push germs back into the ear canal and cause another infection there. 

A great technique to blow your nose is closing one nostril with your finger and blowing out through the other.

Use a Humidifier

Keep a humidifier alongside your bed. Using such a device is especially important in areas where the environment is less humid or rooms with air conditioning.

A decrease in humidity can worsen your sleep during flu. Thus, humidifiers are a great solution to this issue. 

Nasal Spray for Stuffy Nose

Spraying your nose with salt-containing nasal sprays relieves nasal congestion. Therefore, these can help you breathe easier. 

Keep Yourself Warm

You might feel cold during flu. So, it is always preferred to stay warm by properly covering yourself. 

Rest To Get Rid of the Flu Quickly

Resting should be prioritized throughout this condition. It helps you gain immunity and energy. You will be exhausted if you keep working without rest; avoid this. 

Take Honey 

Honey is a power pack to boost your immunity. In addition, it has antimicrobial properties, so getting rid of flu becomes easier. 

You can either take this bee product with some black pepper or salt. Otherwise, adding a spoonful of honey in a cup of warm water is equally effective. 

Properly Use Essential Oils 

Essential oils can treat or recover your flu by reducing its symptoms. For instance, inhaling these oils can decrease the intensity of headaches and clear clogged airways. Consequently, some oils may show antiviral properties as well.

Here are some essential oils to relieve flu signs and symptoms:

  • Lemon Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Thyme Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Tea tree Oil
  • Chamomile Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Rosemary Oil

Frequent Gargles

Gargles should be part of your daily regime when under the flu. Moreover, adding a small amount of salt to the water can increase its benefits. Gargling with warm water can soothe the nose and throat while eliminating the clogged mucus.  

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is a must to stay healthy. It keeps you away from different types of germs that can attack you. 

While flu-stricken, pay even more attention to your hygiene practices; Sneeze or cough by covering the mouth. Spit the phlegm carefully and clean the area. Avoid meeting people and shaking hands with them.

 Drink Warm Beverages

Ingesting hot liquids eases difficulty in breathing and swallowing. These fluids also comfort your symptoms. 

 Intake of Antiviral Drugs

The best time to intake antivirals is within 48 hours of the onset of flu. However, these drugs still work if taken afterward. Check with your doctor if such drugs are a viable option.

 Steam to Get Rid of a Flu Quickly

People have used this method for ages. Hence, calling it highly efficient would not be wrong. So, breathing in some steam can ease your symptoms, making you feel better all of a sudden. 

Your flu symptoms vanish right away as the vapors reach your respiratory system. In addition, it helps relieve nasal blockage. 

Read: Some Effective Ways for Treating Flu | Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International Conference on Electronics and Electrical Engineering Technology 

 Apply Warm Packs Around the Nose

You can also try applying a warm pack around the congested nose. This technique can loosen clogged noses. 

 Drink More Water

Dehydration can cause major issues and complicate the symptoms. So, increasing drinking more water can help in many aspects. 

Staying hydrated will keep your body in good shape. Thus, it can fight back opportunistic microorganisms that try to take advantage of your immune system busy with the flu virus.

 Elevate your head while sleeping 

Many among you fear sleeping when hit by the influenza virus. The reason behind this is nasal congestion. Elevating the head eases breathing and provides a comforting sleep.

 Healthy Diet to Get Rid of a Flu Quickly

The experts recommend a balanced diet to remain fit. In addition, ensuring you get all the vitamins, including vitamin C, while also getting antioxidants can work wonders.

 Eat Zinc-Rich Food

Researches show zinc as a helpful element to recover from respiratory infections. It is available as supplements and foods that contain high amounts of zinc.

Here you can check a research article on Pain, infection, colds, and flu.

Bottom line:

Getting rid of the flu quickly is easy. But, it is best if you give it some time. Moreover, home remedies or using herbal tips may show beneficial results. Very importantly, consult your doctor so that your home remedies do not clash with pharmacological treatment.


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