CoughPro Terms & Conditions

Welcome to CoughPro, a product fully owned by Hyfe Inc., a Delaware Corporation. By using CoughPro.com or our Mobile App (together, "Services"), you agree to these terms and our Privacy Policy (CoughPro.com/privacy-policy). If you disagree, please don't use our Services.


"We," "us," "Company," and “Hyfe” refer to CoughPro or Hyfe Inc.
"You" or "Customer" refers to the user
Together, we're the "Parties"
“Services” refers to the CoughPro App, the CoughPro website, as well as access to the CoughPro Community.

Access & Use

1. We grant you a limited license to use our Services. If you subscribe to our Mobile App, you can access and use it, provided you follow this Agreement, our Privacy Policy, and pay any fees.
2. We can change the Services anytime.
3. You must be 18 or older to use our Services and are responsible for your actions while using them.
4. Do not misuse our Services. This includes not copying, modifying, or trying to access its code. Do not use our Services in ways that violate rights, laws, or regulations.
5. Purchases are for your personal use. Reselling requires our prior written approval. We can cancel orders if we think you are reselling.
6. We own all intellectual property related to our Services. Using our Services doesn't give you any rights to that property.
7. Occasionally, our Services might be down due to technical issues, maintenance, or other reasons beyond our control.
8. We can suspend your access for security, illegal activity, government requests, or if you break this Agreement or our Privacy Policy.
9. We may use third-party providers for some Services. You must follow their terms too.

Customer Responsibilities

1. Usage: You are responsible for using our Services legally and as per this Agreement. Ensure you follow all relevant laws.
2. Access: You must have the necessary equipment and internet to use our Services. We're not responsible for providing any additional tools or for any data loss.
3. Account Info: Keep your account details, including contact and payment info, updated. Check your email for communications from us.
4. Security: If given login details, keep them confidential. Inform us immediately if there's any unauthorized access. We can disable any account details anytime.
5. Support: We'll try to provide adequate support, but there's no guaranteed level or response time.6. 
6. Medical Advice: None of our services constitute or facilitate medical advice. Use them for information only. Always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns. Don't ignore or delay seeking professional advice based on our app's content.

Community Engagement

1. Purpose: Our community lets users discuss the app and related topics. It's not for medical advice. Always consult professionals for health concerns.
2. Content Responsibility: You are accountable for what you post. Ensure that it is accurate, respectful, and not misleading.
3. Privacy: Do not share personal information except for your own without clear consent.
4. Relevance: Keep posts on-topic. Irrelevant content may be removed.
5. Behavior: No hate speech, harassment, or personal attacks will be tolerated. Aggressive or disrespectful behavior may result in withdrawal of community privileges.
6. Advertising: unless approved in advance by Hyfe, advertising is prohibited. Respect copyrights and trademarks.
7. Content Restrictions: Avoid explicit or sensitive content. Violations may lead to content removal or penalties, including withdrawal of community privileges.
8. Moderation: We monitor the community to maintain a positive environment. We can edit or delete violating posts. Repeat offenders may be banned.
9. Reporting: If you see rule-breaking content, report it. We will review it and act accordingly.
10. Content License: By posting, you give Hyfe a non-exclusive, royalty-free, global license to use your content, unless you state otherwise when posting. Ensure you have rights to what you post and it doesn't infringe on others' rights.

Payment & Fees:

1. Paid Services: Some of our services, like access to sections of our Site or the Mobile App, require payment. We can change, suspend, or stop these anytime.
2. Fees: You are expected to pay all fees and taxes for our Paid Services. This includes subscription fees and any other charges agreed upon.
3. Pre-Orders: You may be charged for products made in the future if you pre-order them. Shipping dates for these aren't guaranteed.
4. Payment Authorization: By giving a payment method, you allow us (or our payment processor) to charge you for your purchase. If there's an issue with your payment, your service may be stopped. Refunds are only given if legally required.
5. Subscriptions: Some Paid Services are subscriptions. They auto-renew unless canceled by you or us. You will be charged before each renewal term. You can cancel anytime, but there is no refund for the ongoing term. Even if you cancel, you may still receive promotional messages from us.
6. Free Trials: Sometimes, we offer free trials. If you do not cancel before the trial ends, you will be charged. To avoid charges, cancel before the trial end date.
7. Payment Processing: A third-party processes and stores your payment info. You need to have a valid payment method on file, and fees are charged monthly or annually.
8. Fee Changes: We can change our fees. If we do, we will email you 30 days before the new fees apply. If you keep using our services, it means that you accept the new fees. You are responsible for all taxes.

Data & Communication:

1. Data Collection: We collect data about your Service usage. This data helps us improve our Services and may be shared with third parties as outlined in our Privacy Policy.
2. Communication: By providing contact details, you allow us to contact you for various reasons, including account notifications, marketing, and other purposes. You can opt-out anytime.
3. No Medical Liability: Any data you provide that might be considered electronic patient health records is your responsibility. We are not liable for it.

Intellectual Property:

1. Ownership: All content, trademarks, and technology related to our Services are owned by Hyfe Inc. or respective third-party owners. Do not use or copy them without permission.
2. Feedback: If you give us feedback or suggestions, we can use them without compensating you.

Warranty & Liability:

1. No Warranty: Our Services are provided "as is." We do not promise that they will always work perfectly or be error-free.
2. Limited Liability: We are not responsible for any damages or losses you might experience from using our Services, beyond a maximum of $100.

No Medical Advice

Our Services are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice. They are not designed or intended to be the basis of medical diagnoses, treatment decisions, or changes in treatment. Always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.


1. Third-Party Links: We may link to other websites. We are not responsible for their content or any issues that arise from using them.
2. Indemnity: You will protect us against any claims or damages related to your use of our Services or any breach of this Agreement.

You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Hyfe, Inc., CoughPro, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and partners from and against any action, cause, claim, damage, debt, demand, or liability, including reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees, asserted by any person, arising out of or relating to (i) your use of the Services, including but not limited to anyone using your account or Credentials; (ii) breach of this Agreement by you or anyone using your account or Credentials; (iii) any information used, stored, or transmitted in connection with your account or Credentials; or (iv) violation of any law, regulation, or other legal requirement.


1. Duration: This Agreement lasts until either you or Hyfe, Inc. ends it.
2. Ending the Agreement: Either of us can end this Agreement with 30 days' notice. Some sections will still apply after termination.


1. Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by Delaware (USA) law.
2. General: We can monitor Service usage. If we do not enforce a part of this Agreement, it does not mean we waive our right to do so later. You cannot transfer this Agreement to anyone else. If a part of this Agreement isn't enforceable, the rest still applies in its entirety.


We can change this Agreement or our Privacy Policy anytime. We will notify you of significant changes. If you continue using our Services after a change, it means you accept the new terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, you should stop using our Services.
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