Pineapple Juice for Cough: Is it Really that Good?

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November 24, 2020
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Two glasses of pineapple juice and slices
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Fruits and plants have been used as cough remedies since time immemorial. Pineapples, in particular, are loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients that not only relieve cough but also strengthen your immune system. This article will tell you how pineapple juice can help you with cough.

Seasonal changes often bring about specific diseases, like allergies, cough, and flu. Coughs and colds usually go away in a few days to weeks. While some people prefer the traditional route of taking medications, there is still some value found in home remedies. Pineapple juice is one remedy that can help you relieve cough. You might have used honey, ginger, green tea, or gargles to solve the problem. Still, the Amish have been using pineapple juice for quite some time with remarkable results.

What’s in Pineapple Juice?

Pineapple juice is rich in bioactive compounds and mineral micronutrients. These play critical roles in the body’s many processes, all of which are essential in keeping you healthy. Here are just some of those vital nutrients:

  • Bromelain
  • Copper
  • Hydroxycinnamic acids
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B (B1, B6, folates)
  • Vitamin C

While you can get these compounds from your regular diet, a glass of pineapple juice can help augment your body’s stores. 

Benefits of Pineapple Juice

The health benefits of pineapple juice are numerous. Nutrients found in this remedy play a role in almost all of the body’s regular functions, including the following:

  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves respiratory health
  • Heals body tissues
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Promotes digestion
  • Relieves arthritis pain
  • Assists in muscle recovery after a workout

Imagine, all you need is a glass of pineapple juice to enjoy all these health benefits.

Pineapple Juice as a Cough Remedy

In pineapple juice, health benefits are due to a protein called bromelain. This enzyme has been deemed safe and effective for children with sinusitis. Although further research is needed, data shows no adverse effects or allergic reactions associated with bromelain.

Bromelain also has a potential role in clinical and therapeutic applications. Research supports the safety and effectiveness of bromelain in treating bronchitis, sinusitis, and other respiratory illnesses. Other studies have also found that bromelain is five times more potent than over-the-counter cough syrups currently in the market. This information tells us that fruit-based supplements have a future in antimicrobial medication.

Lastly, when combined with curcumin, bromelain was found to be an immune-boosting nutraceutical in the prevention of severe COVID-19. Overall, we cannot deny that bromelain in pineapple juice is full of numerous promising health benefits.

Pineapple Juice Recipes

Here are some recipes you can follow to help boost your immune system at home.

  1. Drink this tea three times a day (¼ cup) each.
    1. 1 cup pineapple juice 
    2. A pinch of salt
    3. 1 tsp honey
    4. 1 pinch of pepper
  2. A tasty pineapple popsicle that is suitable for kids!
    1. 1 cup pineapple chunks
    2. ¾ cups pineapple juice
    3. 1 cup chopped strawberries
    4. Transfer the mixture into a mold and freeze.
  3. A traditional remedy rich in spices
    1. 1 cup pineapple juice
    2. 1 tbsp honey
    3. ¼ tsp salt
    4. ¼ tsp cayenne pepper
    5. 1 tsp chopped/minced ginger
    6. Caution: Do not give raw honey to children aged less than one year. Their immune and digestive systems are not yet mature enough to break down honey).


Pineapple juice has healthy nutrients and minerals. Not only does it boost your immune system, but research tells us that fruits can play a promising role in future medication. So make it a habit to drink one glass of pineapple juice a day!

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