A Complete Overview of Cough Treatments and Remedies

Coughing plays a vital role in clearing out your respiratory pathway from foreign irritants. An occasional cough is normal. In fact, some coughing is necessary for us to be healthy. However, when your cough is persistent, you should start to consider cough treatments and remedies to manage it. A chronic cough is one that lasts […]

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Cough Research: Facts about Cough You Need to Know

Coughs have always been viewed as a reflex to some allergen in the environment or hasty swallowing, or a sign of illness, but even healthy humans and many animals cough now and then. Following a global pandemic in part spread by respiratory droplets, coughing is being taken more seriously and cough research gained more popularity. […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: 4 Surprising Innovations

Thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence, scientists and researchers have made remarkable discoveries and breakthroughs in many aspects of people’s lives. One of which is artificial intelligence in the healthcare and medical fields.

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Behavioral Cough Suppression Therapy

Coughing, especially a chronic cough for which no form of treatment works, can significantly affect your quality of life. Globally, an estimated 10% of people observe an impairment in their general well-being due to a chronic cough.1  While comprehensive tests are often conducted for those with a long-term cough, a viable cause is not always […]

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Sleeping with a Cough

Can you cough in your sleep? Absolutely. Coughing happens at all times for many people, including throughout the night. A daytime cough is bad enough to deal with. But a nighttime cough can seriously disrupt your sleep and, by extension, harm the quality of life of not just you but your partners and loved ones. In […]

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